Cloud Definition

Cloud Definition

Defining the Cloud A cloud is a pool of virtualized resources across the Internet that follows a pay-per-use model and can be dynamically re-configured via on-the-fly (de)provisioning of virtual machines. The cloud service model for IT provisioning is based on virtualization and cluster/distributed computing technologies.

A cloud is a server who can be used from every where with possibility to make storage and in our day even computing!

When we play games on some server that server it’s work like a cloud!

Now we realize that we have so much digital information that our Hard disk drivers have no capacity to keep it, think about that all our vacation movies are recorded on High Definition and in the future on UHD and this data it’s simply to large to keep on your computer so here cloud storage come to help you at very good price to store all this amount of data on servers that are all time online that is cloud storage!

The cloud industry has developed very fast and today we have cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud platforms and many more services of cloud system.

cloud definittion


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