Cloud Services

Verizon wireless cloud

Verizon wireless cloud can be accessed form every where if you are connected to internet. If the connection is wireless or mobile is no problem, may by only the possible cost!
You just login and use your storage or you can backup your flies as long you are online.
Anyway the Verizon cloud ofer a complex usage of their cloud:

Verizon Cloud Service

• Run automatic backups. The Verizon Cloud Service runs in the background silently backing up the files on your computer to your Verizon Cloud account.

• Restore files from your Verizon Cloud account to your computer.

• Change your backup folders and settings, back up files manually, view backup progress and more.

And you can make this for Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents or any type of file you want.

For more information please read Verizon Cloud Download to understand better how you can manage your file.