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Verizon cloud contacts

Verizon cloud contacts, for several months, Backup Assistant doesn’t back up my contacts. It’s supposed to back them up from my phone daily. I have tried to manually back my contacts, that doesn’t work (the only option Backup Assistant offers is to restore my contacts, not back them up). I have tried resetting the application to defaults and that doesn’t work. I have tried to uninstall (in order to reinstall) the application and that doesn’t work…I get a message that it is locked and can’t be uninstalled…even when I have specifically unlocked it (the icon shows that it is unlocked). Verizon is unable to troubleshoot this issue and so I am reaching out to the user forum to see if others have encountered this problem and figured out a wa to resolve it so that Backup Assistant works as it has worked for a few years, up until these last few months.

I’m disappointed to learn that this is happening with your Backup Assistant backup. I personally use Backup Assistant all the time and I don’t know what I would do if I experienced a problem. I’ll be delighted to help you fix this and have the piece of mind your contacts are backed up. What make and model device do you have? Is the application updated? Any other apps giving you any problems?

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