Cloud Computing Definition


Cloud computing is defined as a blend of computing concepts that include a huge number of computers associated through a real time communication network (internet). In science, Cloud computing is an analogue for distributed computing over a network which is the ability to execute a program or application on several connected computers simultaneously. Cloud computing is a computing that depends on shared system resources instead of local servers or individual devices to implement applications. In Cloud computing, the Cloud pictogram is used as a symbol for the internet. Therefore, Cloud computing is a kind of internet based computing, where distinct services are delivered to an organization through the network. Cloud computing is analogous to Grid computing, a kind of computing where new processing cycles of an individual computer in the system are linked to resolve the problems of all stand-alone systems.
cloud computing definition

Also cloud computing offers a large versatility for all the user is more than user friendly because you can find all the data o any project in one place and also you can resolve all the computing necessarily on remote mode without using your computer!


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