Google Cloud Platform | Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Platform | Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage its a part of Google Cloud Platform and the price offer is very good for low level users, developers and even Big IT Organization.
The offer include 3 option or other say 3 different package depends the your needs of speed but all of it in a god range of price.
If you need a very quick cloud service ready to use the one Google offer is may be the best on the cloud market and that way we chose to offer you information about prices and what they offer

  1. Standard – and like the name says is the lowest package but i think very god if you don’t need more.
    99.9% – ms on just 0.026 dollars per GB/Month i believe is the best offer at this time on the cloud industry.
    The Google say that this Standard offer is appropriate for storing data that requires low latency access or data that is frequently accessed (“hot” objects), such as serving website content, interactive workloads, or data supporting mobile and gaming applications. Standard data has the most availability compared to other storage classes at a slightly higher storage cost.
    More easy to understand if you have to cloud storage different amount of data for some online game or if you have a website who have a large data base and it’s need to be accessed on high speed on multiple time per day this Standard package is what you needed.
  2. DRA – Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) is the middle option on 99% – ms at 0.02 dollars per GB/Month
    Storage enables you to store data at lower cost, with the trade-off of lower availability than standard Cloud Storage.
    DRA storage is appropriate for storing data that is particularly cost-sensitive, or for which some unavailability is acceptable. For example:- Data backup – Where high durability is critical, but the highest availability is not required.
    – Batch jobs – Batch jobs can recover from unavailable data, for example by keeping track of the last object that was processed and resuming from that point upon restarting.
    This package can offer more that a lot of developers want from a cloud storage and also for this price i very hard to find a better offer.
    Using in the most of time may be under 70% of this package power I will think about twice between Standard or DRA.
  3. NEARLINE is the PRO version of Google Cloud Storage and the price for this version is only 0.01 per GB/Month.
    This version is made for infrequently accessed data and this brings different cost for data access and early deletion, you can see price details for Nearline and all the Google Cloud Storage here

    Nearline Goolge Cloud Storage

    nearline-goolge-cloud-storage-fast-accessThis kind of services like Cloud Storage are today used for more in more people! They say is more possible to meet an elephant then to lose your data because all your data is backup time to time so if the main server crash your data is safe and this work like an very god insurance.
    More company start to offer Cloud Storage and on the future we believe that all the world data will be storage on cloud systems, but the very personal data i will still keep on my HDD and USB Stick backup!
    But the more I backup the more I realize that until 2020 i will need so much GB of storage because my pictures and my movies come at higher and higher resolution and when a picture have 13 or 25 MB and you have thousands of them you start to think at Cloud Storage.

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