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Top 5 Cloud Storage Platforms 2016

Top 5 Cloud Storage Platforms 2016

We start storage the our file on different cloud system, at the beginning we just transfer them but time to time we start use Dropbox and other cloud storage even that we don’t know on that time that we talk about Cloud! So if you ask somebody who is not in IT zone if they think to use Cloud Storage in the future may be the answer it will be NO but if you ask them if they use before Dropbox or Transfer services the answer will be YES!
Is better today to keep your file on Cloud Storage because you can access from anywhere if you have internet access. And if you want to share with somebody you just send them a link. In the past we carrying heavy type of storage like USB, HDD or CD – DVD ROM to have our data with us but when we need a very large amount of data we can’t issue that way the cloud solution is so god for us to have all the data we want at just a click distance!
So lot of us use Cloud may be every day but don know is called Cloud Storage and we like to writhe here about Top 5 best cloud storage on the market in 2016 regarding price and what they offer for it!
The offers are pretty close so we provide you all the information about them and you will chose the one is good for you! We chose One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive

One Drive Logo One Drive

File Size Restriction is at 10 GB
Free Storage: 5GB
Bonus Extra Free Storage: No
Plans Cost: 2 dollars/Month for 50GB
OS Access Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

dropbox logo Dropbox

File Size Restriction is at 10GB with website, none with Dropbox apps
Free Storage: 2GB
Bonus Extra Free Storage: Yes
Plans Cost: $10/month for 1TB
OS Access Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire

google drive logo Google Drive

File Size Restriction is at 5 TB
Free Storage: 15GB
Bonus Extra Free Storage: No
Plans Cost: $2/month 100GB, $10/month for 1TB
OS Access Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

box_logo_vector Box

File Size Restriction is at 250MB for free plan, 5GB for paid personal plan
Free Storage: 10GB
Bonus Extra Free Storage: No
Plans Cost: $10/month for 100GB
OS Access Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon Cloud Drive

File Size Restriction is at 2GB
Free Storage: No, Amazon Cloud Drive offers limited free storage with an Amazon Prime subscription.
Bonus Extra Free Storage: No
Plans Cost: $12/year for unlimited photos, $60/year for unlimited files
OS Access Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

May be this is not the very best top 5 companies but is the one’s with the largest  OS support that I found!
If the amount of free storage is important i think the OS Access is also very important because if you have BlackBerry is very hard to buy from Amazon with no support for BB.
In a matter of security i believe all services are very high protected and your data is safe.

Cloud storage is start to be the new standard for file hosting and sharing and storing for companies and even simple people. It very hard to find the best one because are such a variety of different options available so it may be somewhat overwhelming when it comes to deciding which cloud storage is the best for your company needs.


Cloud Services

Verizon wireless cloud

Verizon wireless cloud can be accessed form every where if you are connected to internet. If the connection is wireless or mobile is no problem, may by only the possible cost!
You just login and use your storage or you can backup your flies as long you are online.
Anyway the Verizon cloud ofer a complex usage of their cloud:

Verizon Cloud Service

• Run automatic backups. The Verizon Cloud Service runs in the background silently backing up the files on your computer to your Verizon Cloud account.

• Restore files from your Verizon Cloud account to your computer.

• Change your backup folders and settings, back up files manually, view backup progress and more.

And you can make this for Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents or any type of file you want.

For more information please read Verizon Cloud Download to understand better how you can manage your file.